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Gone but not forgotten:

alphaville hoch zehn

Natacha von Braun :  You're looking at me very strangely.

Lemmy Caution : Yes.

Natacha von Braun: You're waiting for me to say something to you.

Lemmy Caution: Yes.

Natacha von Braun: I don't know what to say. They're words I don't know. I wasn't taught them. Help me.

Lemmy Caution: Impossible. Help yourself; then you will be saved. If you don't, you're as lost as the dead of Alphaville.

Natacha von Braun: I... love... you. I love you.

(Alphaville , Jean-Luc Godard 1965)

13/04/2007 phil christian philiale im Gartenbaukino 0 Kommentare

And we... love... Alphaville.

Alphavillains, you rock!

We consider ourselves slaphappy, over the moon, to celebrate your first decade of existence with a true cinephile knockdown-program tomorrow (April 14th, 2007, that is)  at the good ol' Gardengrowcinema including our reception lobby there. For program details check this out!

Tickets for the Gala-Premiere of "Life in Loops" at 9 p.m. are reserved out. But there are supposedly tickets available on the black market and ebay. And, definitely, here. We have the last 5 pairs of tix to give away! Give it away, give it away, give it away now!

All you have to do to get them is to send us your personal prolongation of the above transcribed dialogue from "Alphaville".


Lemmy Caution: You love me? Huh?

Natacha von Braun: Yes. I do. You know, i loved you even before we met. I just heard your name and thought: That's him. Lemmy Caution. That's the man i'm gonna make cosmic lllove to. Yo.

Lemmy Caution: Uhm.

Natacha von Braun: That's all you have to say? Uhm?

Lemmy Caution: No.

Natacha von Braun: Well...?

Lemmy Caution: You go to the Gardengrowcinema tomorrow?

Natacha von Braun: Sure!

Lemmy Caution: Well, see ya tomorrow. Gotta go now.

Lemmy leaves...

Winners will be notified via email until tomorrow, high noon sharp.

For those who don't have tickets for the premiere: That shouldn't keep you from coming for the DJs in our lobby - and Bernhard Fleischmann. He will be performing a midnight-special-concert in the Kinosaal, playing a soundtrack to the classic flick "The General" by and with Buster Keaton which he composed exusively for this occasion. A second gala-premiere, so to speak.

Well, that's it for now. Cheers everybody!

The alphaphiles.

ps1: Open reading to celebrate the world book and copyright day our way - april 23, starting 5 p.m. @ phil bring your own books we take care of the booze (polish grasrootvodka).

Nachtrag: "Soooo...where were YOU on April 14th when we completely packed the Gartenbaukino? The correct answer is, of course: "Outside, where I waited and begged and pleaded to get in for hours before giving up and going to the Badeschiff". Which is, sadly, what really happened to more people than we wanted. More on that later, for now, finally!, a couple pics from the evening, which was truly enjoy!"

One out of many

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